The entire MLD programme is about 50–75 hours in length and consists of over 30 modules, each module being about two hours (i.e. one to three hours) in length.

The drafting modules can be taught individually or in combination. They can also be combined into bespoke courses focusing on specific issues or themes relevant to a particular group.
This modular approach makes the Mastering Legal Drafting programme flexible, convenient and adaptable to an organisation’s needs. The content and structure of an in-house course is organised in consultation with the organisation.

Possible courses:

  • Two-hour seminars (held weekly, for example). The focus is on a specific problem area.
  • Short courses of 5 to 18 hours in length (each course with a specific theme). This can be a survey course or a course based on a specific theme.
  • The full programme of 50 to 75 hours. This would be suitable to organisations wishing to ensure their legal professionals get thorough training.

Let us know what your organisation’s training needs are when it comes to English legal drafting. We’ll advise you on a good training programme.